Well they did it! We just keep having firsts! Opening night of the Empower Bearcat Basketball Tournament BMP went live courtesy of East Arkansas Broadcaster’s and it was hard. We were nervous, thinkin “can we do this?”…the beginning of something new is always gonna be a little Rocky, but somehow they made it work! Studied, pulled wires, sought help, pulled more wires, did the math, practiced, pulled more wires, helped each other…well the Bearcats won the game and A/V with 1 freshman, 5 sophomores and 4 seniors aired the multi-cam game with 61 commercials and instant replays! They aired the hardest and coolest live broadcast of any high school A/V team in the state- hands down. A juggling act in-house and out, but they did it. Things to improve? Absolutely! Repetition, repetition! The 4 seniors lead the way, but that’s what it’s all about! These students could not have done this without such a supportive administration. So thankful to everyone who’s helped us-EAB and Matt Stoltz, ASU’s Technical Director, Chase Weeks. Also thankful for KAIT’s Ryan Vaughn and Chris Hudgison for taking time to visit with these students and set up times to help them with different things. What a great night in Bearcat nation and Bearcat TVLand!