Our Bearcat Nation is versatile across the board.  Bearcat Proud is not just a tag it is meaningful and it represents all of Bearcat Nation. The pride we have for our competitors whether athletically or academically our students, staff, parents and community are all behind these efforts. 

We never want to overlook the efforts of any of our students in their journey for success and we have many great success stories this year and continue to add to them from Primary to Elementary, to Midfle School, Junior High and High School our Bearcats are active all across the state and even the country. 

While Brookland Bearcat Basketball is on everyone’s mind this weekend, we will not forget or overlook the efforts of these young Lady Bearcat Swimmers and their journey today!  Bearcat Nation may not be there in numbers to show our support but please know Bearcat Nation is there in spirit and we are all Bearcat Proud!! 

We have two awesome Bearcat Swimmers competing in 4A state swim finals today! Our swimmers haven’t gotten a ton of recognition… we have been small but mighty!  We’ve had an official AAA swim team for 6 years, and have qualified for state finals every year.

Today in Texarkana, Sara Tuetken (junior) will compete in the 100m backstroke and the 100 breaststroke.  Londyn Moore (uh… she’s a freshman, y’all) will compete in the 50 freestyle and the 200 freestyle.  

We are behind you young ladies 100% and we do wish you both some fast water and PRs!!  Show them what it means to be a Bearcat!

Bearcat Proud!!!