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Thespian Troupe


Brookland Thespian Troupe 8299 competed at the 2017 Arkansas Thespian Festival on Feb. 9-11, along with around 1100 other Arkansas thespians. This was our first time to ever attend or compete. At the closing ceremony today, we were awarded with:

4 SUPERIOR ratings, and those four now qualify for the National Thespian Festival in Lincoln, Nebraska in June. Those are:

Jon Reece, Solo Acting

Olivia Langner, Solo Acting

Taylor Watkins, Duet Musical

Zach Proctor, Duet Musical

$52,000 in scholarship offers were given to Jon, Olivia, Cassidy, Taylor, and Zach.

We received an EXCELLENT rating in Group Musical (Sara Anderson, Mason Covey, Joanna Conrad, Cassidy Gage, Jon Reece)

We received an EXCELLENT rating in Group Acting (Alex White, Olivia Langner, Angel Monroe, Colten Sedman, Drew Daniels, Erin Howard, Sarah Hefner)

EXCELLENT rating in Duet Acting- Sarah Hefner, Erin Howard

EXCELLENT rating in Solo Musical- Cassidy Gage

EXCELLENT rating in Solo Acting- Sara Anderson

EXCELLENT rating in Duet Musical- Joanna Conrad, Mason Covey

And in the tech challenge, for a first time team, they received many compliments from the judges on how well they did, even having a time just 4 seconds under the winning time in one category.

Did I mention that about half of the troupe was sick? And STILL did that well???

They also attended workshops in between competitions.

For a first time ever competing thespian troupe from Brookland, I’d say we did a FANTASTIC job! I couldn’t be more proud of these kids!

P.S.- In case you were wondering, "Thespian" is another name for actor, named after Thespis, whom is considered the first actor.